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I wanted to put some useful info up here and also figured we could use it to track things like character stats and whatever else.

So here are some links:

Pathfinder Ruleset:

Pathfinder Setting Wiki:
Of particular interest to players:
(the country and city in which the campaign largely takes place; basically it is analogous to Venice.)

Maptool (what we will be using to play, direct download link):

Character Creation Rules

  • Any class/race allowed (within reason, if I got a problem with your character I will talk to y’all)
  • 15 point buy
  • Average starting wealth
  • Max HP at first level
  • Two traits: one from the Council of Thieves Player’s Guide (available at, one other trait chosen from the list on the SRD. Traits are essentially flavorful half-feats to help you build background/have a good hook for the campaign. Generally I’m not going to have a problem with what you pick but if you’re worried ask me.

Character Creation Tips

For those of you new to Pathfinder (everybody?) here are some things that are different from 3.5 re: character creation:

  • Hit dice are somewhat different. Wizards/Sorcerers are d6, Rogues/Druids/Clerics/Monks/Bards d8, Rangers/Fighters/Paladins d10, Barbarians d12
  • Everyone gets one favored class. Typically this is the class you take at Level 1. Every time you gain a level in your favored class (including first level), you can choose to gain one extra skill point or one extra hit point.
  • Skills are in some cases condensed and work a bit differently. Putting a skill point into a skill always gives you one point in it (regardless of whether it is cross-class or not). But the first time you put a point into a class skill, you get a +3 bonus to it. The cap on skill points is equal to your HD.
    _Example: you’re a cleric. At level 1 you take a rank in Heal. It’s a class skill, so you automatically get a +3 bonus s for taking it. You now have a 4 ranks in Heal and your 16 wisdom gives you +3 modifier, for a total of +7 heal. You also want to be sneaky. You take a rank in stealth. You only have to spend 1 point to get 1 rank despite the fact that it’s cross class. But since it’s not a class skill, you don’t get that +3. _
  • Generally, some feats and spells and skills are improved; others are nerfed. As you’re building your character click around on feats you think you know and make sure they do what you think they do. There are subtle changes to common early feats like Power Attack, Toughness, etc. When in doubt, look it up; the SRD is really easy to use.
  • Archetypes are something PF has added that allows you to hone in on a particular concept (for example, an urban ranger, an armor-focused fighter, a drunken master monk, etc.). I’m okay with you using an archetype. What they generally do is just replace certain class features with other class features in a pre-defined way. Again, all this info is on the SRD on each particular class page, so go nuts if you want to make a rogue who flings poo instead of daggers at people or whatever.

Campaign Overview

Thrown into chaos after the death of the god Aroden, Cheliax found a new spiritual guide to help tame the resulting lawlessness and destruction—Asmodeus. Dominated today by the Thrice-Damned House of Thrune, Cheliax is a land of inflexible order, like a rigid steel blade tempered in the fires of Hell. It is a land where nobility and virtue take second place to a ruthlessly imposed harmony. It is a place where talks of past glories are only whispered in the dark, where heroic ambitions are kept to oneself, and where normal people strive to blend into the safe anonymity of the crowd. It is here, in the country’s former capital of Westcrown, that the Council of Thieves Adventure Path takes shape.
In this Adventure Path, you and your fellow adventurers help restore the crumbling honor of Westcrown, fight against a decades-old curse, and do battle with an enemy far more deadly than any simple fiend, all in the hopes of returning a measure of splendor to this long-beset metropolis.

Essentially this is an urban-based campaign centered around the themes of corruption, decay, and rebellion.

Contacting the Turtle

gmail me @ metempsych with your characters when they’re done. i’ll look ’em over and see if there are any glaring inconsistencies and help make changes if need be. after that the next things to do will be to figure out a schedule and make sure everyone can get maptool working/connect to a server.

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